So official, all I need is a whistle.

A semi-decent photo of me, given that my face is obscured by a hat and sunglasses. (Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park | August 2018)

*slams 14 Michelob Golden Lights during a Minnesota volleyball 5-set win over Michigan*

“Screw it, I’m going to Thailand.”

— Me, October 2019.

Jambo! (Welcome to my blog.) My name is Zach Morris (yes, like Saved by the Bell), and for the past several years I’ve spent my time traveling the world as much as possible while working full-time as a non-profit manager. I’m a left-handed Gemini and Enneagram 7w8. I’m currently living in Minneapolis; raising my dog, Henry, and my cat, Binx. When I’m not traveling, you can find me reading, practicing yoga, playing volleyball, or drinking my body weight in local IPA’s.

I look forward to sharing my travel journeys and other passions with you. Cheers!

Published by xaq

A 20-something globetrotter who never says no to a good time.

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