Pregaming (Preparing For) Thailand

Back in October, I received an alert from Scott’s Cheap Flights for a round trip ticket to Bangkok – from Chicago – for less than $600 on Delta. Knowing I could get to Chicago quickly, and for cheap or on miles, I couldn’t say no (read: Enneagram 7). Also, being capital-T “tipsy” from downing moreContinue reading “Pregaming (Preparing For) Thailand”

So official, all I need is a whistle.

*slams 14 Michelob Golden Lights during a Minnesota volleyball 5-set win over Michigan* “Screw it, I’m going to Thailand.” — Me, October 2019. Jambo! (Welcome to my blog.) My name is Zach Morris (yes, like Saved by the Bell), and for the past several years I’ve spent my time traveling the world as much asContinue reading “So official, all I need is a whistle.”